CSI Creative designs and builds fiberglass structures for water parks, restaurants, hotels, malls, and pretty much any other commercial properties you could think of.

Utilizing our own fiberglass manufacturing facilities, CSI Creative can produce materials at a fraction of the expense of most other suppliers. This significantly reduces your overall cost of the project and helps keep everyone happy.

Some examples of structures we at CSI Creative have designed include; decorative columns, monument signs, animals (bears, alligators, dinosaurs, etc.), and a variety of other custom designs.

We have over 30 years of experience of deep connections with most manufacturers, so even if we are not creating the fiberglass structures themselves we have the ability to work with others to make sure the project moves along smoothly.

With detailed production drawings we have created a pre-fabricated process that is cost effective to our overall schedule.

One of our most important goals is to save the client time and labor expenses through a friendly assembly process. With pre-finished components and a multi-task crew we optimize our performance throughout the manufacturing process.

We have the knowledge to transform a third world/cost-effective manufactured product, filtered through international standard regulations in order to achieve a project that complies with safety code compliance.