Installing the design is the most important part of the project and we handle all aspects of it with our expertise in construction management.

We strive to save as much time and energy as possible during this stage so we recruit non-skill labor to supplement our already multi-tasked crew to get the job done in the most efficient manner.

For installation we facilitate the shipping-customs-brokerage phase. All shipping dimensions and fees are part of our holistic effort and included in this process.

Our installation process focuses primarily in budget, schedule, and scope of work. We control the project design, on-site installation, coordination of the various mechanical disciplines, and we partner with client’s general contractor.

The installation process requires a lot of collaboration between general contractors, designers, architects, foremen, etc. CSI Creative takes all these collaborative pieces and efforts and makes sure that they are all on the same page throughout the entire process.

While installation is in process we stay on-site to ensure that everything is handled to perfection. Our belief is that your project deserves our special attention so we give it that with our service and representation to the various vendors and authorities we must deal with.