At CSI creative we want you to feel absolutely comfortable with coming to us with your idea or ideas. We love helping our clients work through the beginning phases of a vision vision, because it allows us to gain experience while also feeling rewarded by the collaboration efforts with many different individuals.

The planning phase is exacting how it sounds, we plan for the final project. We will listen to your background and if need be company history to get a better idea of who you are and how the company is organized.

During this phase we want you to feel comfortable coming to us with any type of vision or idea you have. Many times our clients just tell us what they picture in their mind, and from there we work with them to make it more concrete and less abstract.

Since this is a full fledged collaborative effort we will also discuss our background and how we have helped numerous clients over the years. This helps you to better get to know us and determine whether we will be a good fit moving forward. The more we on both sides know each other the easier it will be to complete the the final project to perfection.

The planning process is most crucial to the success of the overall project, so taking time to ensure everything is in order must be the #1 priority. Come to us as soon as you have an idea and we will get to working with you immediately!

Design Development

The design development phase is one of our favorites and is something that is integral to the overall success of the final project. Design development includes the conceptual sketches all the way to 3D imaging and prototypes.

What makes design development so important is that it’s the basis on what everything else in the project is built around. We can start with simple drawings that may capture the vision and idea you have in place.

From there we can make storyboards that further encapsulate the shared vision. These storyboards are just a more helpful and detailed tool we use to make everything clearer. From the storyboards we can move onto something more concrete and visually appealing, which is 3D animations and renderings. This is where we will come to see the true nature of our collaborative efforts and be able to make adjustments as need be.

Also, as part of the development process CSI Creative can develop CAD drawings, ensure code compliance and serve as the interface between any other vendors on the project.


The final step to making this all become a reality is installing the manufactured materials and constructing the site to the specifications as described before in the design process.

With installation comes the work of many different crews and companies, and that can be an extreme amount of stress on one organization. Many of our clients are not as well versed in the construction aspect of design so it places and even greater burden on the people responsible for seeing it through completion.

Providing an essential line of communication regarding project statuses and performance targets. Installation services provided include project management, code compliance, detailed construction documents, CAD drawings, and expert engineering and installation guidance.

During installation, we routinely visit the site to ensure quality control and provide regular project updates. This makes sure that your project is always under supervision until final completion.

Site Feasibility

A major part of any large-scale project is the site that it will be constructed on. That is why CSI Creative starts with a site feasibility assessment at the beginning to help deter from pitfalls along the way.

A careful selection and adequate assessment of building space is essential to the success of any project. We will help you better understand the site you have chosen, and if need be offer suggestions on various other sites or explain the limitations associated with it. We do this to help the collective group have a better idea of what to expect as the construction finally begins, this is in no way intended to make the project seem impossible.

Once your study is completed, we will use this information to develop initial design sketches and renderings based on a collaborative design process.

Many times a site seems like it will be a good fit for an idea or project, but in reality there are many obstacles to overcome. Some of these are doable while some will require extra expense and time. That is why a site feasibility assessment is important to cover at the intial stages to ensure these matters are brought up before they become bigger issues.

Manufacturing Process

CSI Creative will oversee and handle all the manufacturing of the project as this is our specialty, in terms of both experience and connections.

With prefabricated materials on hand in our various manufacturing locations around the world we can ensure cost-savings and timely delivery of the materials we produce. What’s more, is that we can set up an accurate timeline and schedule that allows you as the client to better prepare for marketing campaigns, grand openings, and press information regarding the final result.

With connections that run deep in the manufacturing business we can assure you that even if we at CSI Creative do not have the capabilities of making the products in-house, that we know people who can and at a fraction of the cost. We try to provide you with as much cost-savings as possible which starts with knowing people within the industry.

When fabricating the products used for the project, we use a fiberglass material that is made in our facilities which saves money since there is no need for the transportation of raw materials. We have fabrication warehouse across the world, saving you even more money since we more than likely can ship products a relatively short distance.