Planet Hollywood

Date 2014
Location Hollywood, LA
Value -
Client Landry Inc.
Category Club

The Hollywood experience of a lifetime

Planet Hollywood is an amazing attraction that brings all sorts of people together for a dining experience like no other. To build on the Hollywood vibe, we took elements of old movies and placed them on ceilings, along the bar, and around seating areas. This made the atmosphere for each and every guest as memorable as possible. Scenes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Independence Day made sure that nobody was left out of the fun.

The large globe that patrons dine in was created to lure people in and give them a sense of walking into Hollywood itself. The upscale dining area is full of modern decor set to modded lighting that makes everyone feel like a star. Overall, this is a truly elegant design build that features multiple elements of Hollywood to make the experience all the more memorable.