Rainforest Cafe

Date 1994
Location Galveston, TX
Value -
Client Landry Inc.
Category Cafe

Bringing the Amazon to your table

It may seem like a tall task bringing a jungle within such a confined space, but Rainforest Cafe has done just that. We at CSI Creative have worked exclusively with the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston, TX to create an even more memorable experience for the patrons by adding extra features on top of the staples usually found in the restaurant.
Adding a water ride to the overall design in this particular restaurant gave the design build a whole new vibe and made the overall experience that much more memorable. Additionally, the artificial plants on the inside make it so you can actually taste and smell the rainforest and as you walk all senses are swept to north-western Brazilian forests. With fibreglass tree trunks, artificial plus authentic exotic plants, and animal sculptures, the Rainforest Cafe is truly a masterpiece as a design build project.

To create an experience that will last meant taking all elements of a rainforest and incorporating them into the 4 walls of the restaurant. With the additional exotic plants and animal figures, the ordinary restaurant is a one-way ticket to a night in the forest.