T-REX Cafe

Date 2006
Location Lake Buena Vista, FL
Value -
Client Landry's, Inc.
Category Cafe

Prehistoric dining at its finest

Located in Walt Disney World Downtown Disney the T-Rex Cafe is a true masterpiece in and of itself. As a design build firm, CSI Creative took first appearances to the next level, placing a life-size replica fossil of a T-Rex right at the entrance. This creates suspense and intrigue for every guest who attempts to walk by. Once inside, the experience takes you even further back with a large fish tank behind the bar, an octopus sprawling across the dining area, and dozens of fossils found in every nook and cranny.

To create an experience that will last meant taking all elements of the rainforest and bringing them right into the 4 walls of the restaurant. With the additional exotic plants and animal figures, the ordinary restaurant space is a one-way ticket to a night in the forest.